us fleet tracking

US Fleet Tracking

US fleet tracking practices differs greatly from fleet tracking practices in other countries. The United States is a melting pot of cultures, customs and traditions. Some of the traditions or practices

we see in other countries seem strange to us, just as ours would seem strange to them. For example, In Greece when a child loses a tooth, it gets thrown on the roof for luck instead of here where the tooth gets tucked under the pillow where a fairy enters your home and trades it for money…okay maybe some of our traditions seems a little strange as well. While there are not a lot of traditions associated with fleet tracking, it is interesting to compare and contrast the practices in US fleet tracking and companies elsewhere around the world. Let’s look at three of those differences. 


US Fleet Tracking


In US fleets most service vehicles are four wheeled- primarily trucks and vans. In Europe and Asia over half of the registered business service vehicles are two wheeled- motorbikes fitted with large baskets or pull-along trailers carrying the goods.

Green Initiative

Since the mid-90’s “going green” has become more and more important in the US. Going green is not as important to developing countries, however in other 1st world locations such as the European union it is important. While cost reduction and increase of profits is usually the main reason US fleet tracking is utilized, a greener fleet is a nice secondary benefit.

US Fleet tracking uses the Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) network. This network incorporates a range of satellites that use microwave signals that are transmitted to GPS devices to give information on location, vehicle speed, time and direction. While GPS fleet tracking is relatively new, the core technology framework it is built upon has been a staple infrastructure in North America for quite some time and is reliable and used in all almost every corner of the United States and other parts of North America. (InTouch GPS has a few clients in Canada and some that operate back and forth between the American and Canadian border- while this is a small percentage we are proud to offer incredible service to these companies.) In other parts of the world, there is not an established infrastructure and to even consider having fleet tracking similar to the US fleet tracking set-up is an impossibility.
There are many other aspects contrasting US fleet tracking practices against those in other countries, however wanting to run a successful business can be considered a universal idea. To learn about how the US fleet tracking that InTouch GPS provides can specifically help your organization, contact us today.

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David Walloch

David Walloch

Usually the blog posts InTouch GPS create are about the benefits of fleet tracking to the companies we serve, best practices in GPS fleet tracking, developments in technology or other fleet related news. Today, we are taking a small detour of the norm and writing about one of our employees, David Walloch.

Read below to learn more.


Born and raised in Central Florida, and have lived here most of my life.  I have been married to Lauren for over 38 years now.  We have 3 married daughters and 6 grandsons.  Our daughters and their families chose to stay in central Florida, so we get to be very involved with our grandsons, which we love.  I have been in some kind of a sales position for all of my adult life.  I started in Sales right out of College.  I called in various businesses in Central Florida for many years.  I went on to switch into  wholesale food sales.  I won different national sales contests while working in the food industry.  I realized early on that to sell a product or service to someone with any success , I first needed to establish a build a trust/bond  with them.  How would I ever get someone to buy from me, if they were not sure if I was honest and forthright.  For 15 years I was in mortgage banking where I seemed to excel.  To be successful as a mortgage broker, one had to earn there trust early on.  Something about meeting with people, having a cup of coffee with them, listening, determining the need and satisfying that need, seemed to make sense.  I stayed in Mortgage banking until 2008, when the market crashed.  I had to determine a way to re-invent myself.  I was approached by a small start up company that serviced GPS fleet tracking devices in 2011.  I came on board with Virtual Fleet Supervisor in January of 2012, and have not looked back.  The company merged in 2015 and is now called InTouch GPS.

What Is Your Role Within InTouch GPS?

My title is National Retail Sales Director–  I am responsible for the sales growth of the retail side of InTouch GPS.

Can You Tell Us About Your Sales Philosophy?

My sales philosophy is not a complicated one.
“Treat every call that either I make or that comes in as the most important call of the day”.  Whether I am speaking with a owner operator of a small start up company with 2 vehicles, or the CFO of a company that has over 250, I must show them the same respect and courtesy.  I also must ask the right questions, listen to their answers to determine their need.  Provide answers to those needs in a way that makes good sense for all involved.  I call it building a bridge of Trust.  If I do that with any lead that comes in, in most cases they feel heard and taken care of, and leave the call as a client.

Funny Story Related To The Company?

There is a story about a small mid-western hauling company that comes to mind.  I received a call from  the owner one day explaining to me what had just happened between him and a employee.  This owner had recently installed hard wired devices in his dump trucks.  He noticed that every night around 12:30 AM, one particular truck would start up, leave the home location and drive to another location, stay there until around 5:00 am, then it would start back up, drive back to the home location until 7:00 am when the driver would start his day.  This went on for 3 days until the owner finally confronted the driver.  The driver confessed that his wife was keeping a record of the miles driven on their car, so the only he could go see his girlfriend was use the dump trump.  I still from time to time try and imagine what the neighbors thought every night when they heard that loud dump truck coming down the street at 1:00 am.  This story still amuses and amazes me as well.
Personal Note from Author-
 I have worked closely with David for years and I am honored to be able to write a post spotlighting him. He is an incredible human being who genuinely loves and cares about people and believes wholeheartedly in the importance of building relationships and taking care of client partners. He makes us all better at our own jobs at InTouch GPS and through his example, just better people overall.
If you are interested in learning more about our products and service contact us today.
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vehicle tracking for Pool cleaning company

GPS Fleet Tracking for Pool Service Vehicles

Across the country, people are enjoying relaxing after a long day, having fun with the kids or simply cooling off from the heat. According to the CDC 

That’s a lot of pools!! Over 40 percent of those are professionally cleaned or maintained by a pool cleaning service. There is huge market for pool cleaning.

How GPS Vehicle Tracking Can Help Your Swimming Pool Cleaning Company

When you mention vehicle tracking

When many people think of fleet tracking they think of fleet vehicles -a legion of small white trucks ready to go out and service customers. While this is accurate, we define a fleet as any assemblage of vehicles that a company uses. Often pool companies have vans and trucks-usually wrapped with their logos. Read about many of the benefits that we offer to our current pool cleaning companies and what we can offer to you.

Pool Cleaning companies have two main service offerings

1) Maintaining and Cleaning

2) Emergency Repair of any Pool

Regardless of which service the company is being utilized for the benefits of GPS fleet tracking run the gamut for them all.

Improving Efficiency 

GPS Vehicle Tracking allows you to gain valuable data on driver behavior. An authorized user can pull historic reports as well as see real time activity and gather business intelligence.

  • How long is a person at any respective job site?
  • Is their an average time among your drivers?
  • Are the going directly from jobsite to jobsite?
  • What is an acceptable time in which someone can do the job efficiently?
  • Are your drivers timecards an accurate representation of their work?

GPS fleet tracking gives you these answer and insights about so much more.

When a person knows that the boss has the ability to monitor their activities they are much more likely to be doing what they are supposed to be doing.

Speed Control 

As discussed many of the vehicles in pool companies are often branded. Ambassadors of your company as they drive through residential neighborhoods. Are they speeding?

Caustic chemicals and high speeds don’t mix…

You can use the system to see how fast people are going- of course safety is paramount, but the potential damage to your reputation of unsafe drivers is also a key factor in being able to tracking this (and many other) aspects of their driving. Not only can you easily pull a dashboard and see current and historic data, you can also choose to be sent real time alerts to immediately be able to correct the problem.

Idling Control

In climates with large pool communities it can often be blazing hot summers- are your drivers using vehicles for climate control? Are they keeping the vehicle on when they shouldn’t be. You can see how long a vehicle is idling to learn the answers to these questions and ultimately save money on fuel costs. We suggest having a driver policy meeting to set expectations about each of these events and what is authorized and what is not. Sometimes it may not seem like much- a few dollars saved here or there, but when you multiply it across the total

Customer Validation

Occasionally work is done when no one is home. If you receive a complaint that no one showed up or work wasn’t done you can verify or refute the accuracy of that statement through tracking. Many customers set up frequent recurring job sites as landmarks and send customers reports to show them the times they were there in advance. GPS Fleet Tracking allows you to verify exactly when the vehicle arrived at the site and when it left.

With these and many more benefits, pool cleaning companies have increased their bottom line and stay with us. If you would like to be the next pool company (or any service company) to start increasing ROI while reducing costs, contact us today for a quick no pressure 10 minute demo about what we can do for you.

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summer fleet tracking

Summer Vehicle Maintenance Tips

It is hard to believe it is already the month of May. While some places like Orlando, Florida or San Diego, California have a never ending summer, for most of us, May is when we start making our summer plans. That includes vacations, what to do with the kids with school being out and if you are in the fleet business-how to prepare your fleet for the heat. Here is a valuable checklist of best practices that IntouchGPS recommends you follow to make sure that your fleet is ready for the summer.

I. Get Rid Of Winter’s Changes

In an earlier blog, we discussed best winterizing practices for your fleet. Now that Winter is over, the first step in getting ready for the new season is to revert back to your summer vehicle persona.

  • For places with harsh winters remove snow chains from your tires or swap out from snow tires to summer tires if applicable.
  • Conduct a thorough inspection of windshield wipers, (especially since with the heat often comes more rain.)
  • Complete a full interior and exterior cleaning, including under the vehicle where salt and snow may have lodged from the roads.

II. Summer-ize Your Fleet 

Now that your vehicle no longer has winter’s remnants, let’s perform some basic maintenance. Here are some tips from the National Institute For Automotive Excellence:

  • Air Conditioning

    A marginally operating system will fail in hot weather. Have the system examined by a qualified technician. Newer models have cabin air filters that clean the air entering the heating and air conditioning system. Check your owner’s manual for location and replacement interval

  • Cooling System

    The greatest cause of summer breakdowns is overheating. The cooling system should be completely flushed and refilled about every 24 months. The level, condition, and concentration of the coolant should be checked periodically. (A 50/50 mix of antifreeze and water is usually recommended.) DIYers, never remove the radiator cap until the engine has thoroughly cooled! The tightness and condition of drive belts, clamps, and hoses should be checked by a pro.

  • Oil

    Change your oil and oil filter as specified in your manual more often (every 3,000 miles) if you make frequent short jaunts, extended trips with lots of luggage, or tow a trailer.

  • Engine Performance

    Replace other filters (air, fuel, PCV, etc.) as recommended more often in dusty conditions. Get engine drive-ability problems (hard starts, rough idling, stalling, diminished power, etc.) corrected at a good shop.

  • Windshield Wipers

    A dirty windshield causes eye fatigue and can pose a safety hazard. Replace worn blades and get plenty of windshield washer solvent.

  • Lights

    Inspect all lights and bulbs; replace burned out bulbs; periodically clean dirt and insects from all lenses. To prevent scratching, never use a dry rag.

  • Tires

    Have your tires rotated about every 5,000 miles. Check tire pressures once a month; check them while they’re cold before driving for any distance. Don’t forget to check your spare as well and be sure the jack is in good condition. Examine tires for tread life, uneven wearing, and cupping; check the sidewalls for cuts and nicks. An alignment is warranted if there’s uneven tread wear or if your vehicle pulls to one side.

  • Brakes

    Brakes should be inspected as recommended in your manual, or sooner if you notice pulsations, grabbing, noises, or longer stopping distance. Minor brake problems should be corrected promptly.

  • Battery

    Batteries can fail any time of year. The only accurate way to detect a weak battery is with professional equipment. Routine care: Scrape away corrosion from posts and cable connections; clean all surfaces; re-tighten all connections. If battery caps are removable, check the fluid level monthly.Avoid contact with corrosive deposits and battery acid. Wear eye protection and rubber gloves.

Driver Policy Meeting

The last part of getting ready for the summer has to do with your fleet drivers. Make clear your expectations on what is allowed in regards to the heat and your driver. Are they allowed to use the vehicle for climate control and keep it on between jobs or while on break? IntouchGPS has made driver policy templates that may help you define and annotate your policies to the drivers. If interested in getting a FREE driver policy meeting template, simply call us and we would be more than happy to send you one.

Even without requiring a contract we have thousands of clients across the US who utilize our GPS fleet tracking products and services year over year. To discover the benefits of GPS fleet tracking that many others are taking advantage of, please contact us today to schedule a no pressure demo of our system.

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3 Benefits of GPS Fleet Tracking

GPS Fleet Tracking

GPS Fleet Tracking solves many problems that business owners and fleet managers face. In our experience, every company has a unique challenge that they are looking to solve, a particular piece of data that want or just to become more efficient in their fleet management overall. The two reason companies utilize and continue to use GPS fleet tracking is that is proves itself over and over again. GPS Fleet tracking reduces costs and increases profits. While there are a myriad of benefits, there are three that we see most often.  These are lower fuel costs, an increase in productivity and an increase in safety.

Lower Fuel Costs

  • Fuel cost is one issue that never can be completely solved as long as we continue to rely on gasoline and oil to power our vehicles. However GPS fleet tracking can help mitigate the costs through many different ways. Now that an authorized user has the ability to monitor certain vehicle variables and driver behavior they can keep track of actions which use fuel. Some of the things the user can monitor include A) speeding B) times used C) route and dispatch control and D) idling.
  1. A) You can set speed limits and be notified through text, email or automated reporting in real time when a speeding event occurs. You can create a speeding policy and allow the report to help gauge if drivers are following the policy or not.
  2. B) You can set operating hours for any vehicle and alos be notified through text, email or automated report if that vehicle is being used outside of authorized times. This prevents moonlighting and fuel being used for purposes other than your business. We have also seen these alerts help companies lessen the severity of theft since you are able to track when and where a vehicle is and be notified immediately if it is being used when it is not supposed to be.
  3. C) Find the nearest available vehicle to a call and dispatch them by being able to monitor in real time their position. You can also send routes to drivers or help lost drivers with the most direct and efficient route possible.
  4. D) Idling, especially used as climate control can not only burn fuel quickly but also harm your vehicle mechanically.  GPS Fleet tracking allows you to monitor idling per vehicle and determine if the reports seem excessive or not.

Increase Driver Productivity

When the cat is away the mouse will play. This adage is just a metaphor for typical human behavior. Even people who aren’t doing anything “wrong” often up the ante when the boss is around or they know they can be monitored at any given time. The driver’s also are now accountable for every minute of their day so there is no lollygagging or forays into places and events they are not supposed to be. With the aforementioned increase routing and dispatch through GPS fleet tracking there is also far less unnecessary windshield time and more time for clients and jobs.

Increase Driver Safety

A rushed job is often a poor job and can be a dangerous job. Your driver just got lost and is now rushing to get to the customer on time. The routing and dispatch from the GPS tracking give them the best route and allow someone to lotify the customer when they can expect the driver there. ( if it is business model to do so) Less speed, less danger. Less time on rode overall, less danger. Also if a driver ever needs assistance the dispatch knows they last reported and able to send help immediately.

These are just three of the many benefits of GPS fleet tracking.  Learn more about why so many people trust InTouchGPS to help solve their challenges.



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Fleet Tracking & Social Responsibility

What Does Fleet Tracking Have To Do With Social Responsibility?

Actually, a lot.

Going green, a practice where companies do their best to reduce their environmental impact, is only a part of “the social contract”. In today’s world people expect businesses to operate a certain way. GPS Fleet tracking from InTouchGPS can help ANY company be more environmentally ethical and at the same time, reducing expenses. It is a Win-Win for all parties.

Here are three of the ways GPS fleet tracking can help:

Reduce Fuel Usage

While no tool can completely eradicate fuel usage, GPS fleet tracking ensures that you are aware if a vehicle is being driven in a way that is not in line with your idea of best practices.  Excessive speeding, long term idling and unnecessary miles through inefficent route planning should all be things of the past. Less fuel being burnt is better for the environment, but think about how many gallons saved multiplied by how many vehicles you have, the savings really start to add up.

Customer Appeal

“Is this organic, locally sourced, GMO free?” – This is a real question I heard from a fellow customer at the grocery store to a clerk. In today’s age the customer has a lot of options in almost every purchase so they can be much more discerning. There are people that want to work with companies that care about the environment and their community. Merely acknowledging you utilize GPS fleet tracking can be the difference between a customer choosing you or your competition.

Reduction of Maintenance

The GPS Fleet tracking tool from INTouchGPS allows companies to schedule maintenance tasks and to see the status of these tasks. Keeping a close eye on when something is due and following that regimen means there should be much less unexpected maintenance costs. You can also do manpower and vehicle planning by forecasting when a vehicle is going to be out and how long.

Discover how GPS fleet tracking can benefit both you and the customers that you have and want to have, today.


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GPS Fleet Tracking and The Lawncare Industry

The Ides of March-

Unless you are a Roman Emperor, this date may not mean much to you. However, now that clocks are forward, spring break is here and across most of the nation snow is melting and we are seeing our grass again, many lawn service companies are smiling. Time to get back to work.

InTouch GPS works with lawn service companies across the nation. Every company is unique in how they work, but typically as lawn service company grows, many vehicles and teams are dispatched at once. Jobs are all different because all lawns are a little different. This team is servicing a school, this team an entire golf course, this team just a quick home. Managing and dispatching multiple teams can be a challenge. That’s where GPS fleet tracking can come in and have a huge benefit.

3 Benefits of Fleet Tracking To The Lawn Service Industry

While there are numerous benefits of fleet tracking, there are two that are particularly strong to the lawn service industry.

1)Reporting- Timecards

You trust your person on the street to give accurate times about how long a job took. Timecards allow you to validate that time reported is true time at location. With experience you should be able to estimate how long a job may take. You can look at timecards and know that a vehicle didn’t take enough time at a particular location or that they took too much at a different one. While ensuring customer expectations are met, you also make sure that you are paying only for true time worked.

2)Route Replays

Where did your team go? What route did they take? Using route replays allows you to see where the various jobs were and to make sure that the dispatch and routing were as efficient as possible.

Proof of Service

Ever get that customer call saying “Your driver wasn’t here?” In hand with reporting above you can give accurate times of service to the client. We have a few customers hat proactively send these times in the monthly billing to show how monitored their teams are.

There are many other cost saving benefits to GPS fleet tracking for the lawn service industry. Dominate your competition through the help of our GPS fleet tracking.

To learn more about what InTouchGPS can do for you, please fill out the contact form to the right or call us at 1-800-746-5170.

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GPS Fleet Tracking : Back To The Basics

At InTouchGPS many company’s trust us and utilize our services without really understanding how GPS fleet tracking  works. They simply understand that it does. This blog goes into some of the technical technical details in order to explain how GPS fleet tracking works for the curious minded.

What Can GPS Fleet Tracking Allow You To Do?

From any web-enabled device you can instantly receive a complete snapshot of your fleet’s activity. With GPS fleet tracking from InTouchGPS a business owner or fleet manager can do things like:

  • View current location and activity of all of your vehicles
  • See Historic location and activity of all of your vehicles
  • Assign, create and track maintenance tasks so routine maintenance is not skipped
  • Create and receive alerts based on parameters you define
  • Send dispatch communication to drivers email or phone

& Many More!!

So How Does GPS Fleet Tracking Work?

  1. GPS Fleet Tracking devices use satellites positioned around the world to determine it’s location
  2. At various intervals or actions ( 2 minutes or when the engine is turned on for example) the device will take reading of its current location
  3. The SIM card inside of this device sends this reported information through a cellular network to a network operation center
  4. The network operation center then uploads that data to local servers where any web enabled device can access the data in formatted tabs through our application.

To learn more about GPS Fleet tracking and how InTouchGPS can offer you peace of mind all while reducing costs and increasing revenue fill out the form on the right to contact us today.

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Fleet Maintenance Management

The fleet maintenance feature on our application allows you to track and record all of the scheduled maintenance on your vehicles. By providing an accurate way of  determining when a vehicle is due for maintenance you minimize the potential downtime of the vehicle and avoid the more expensive problems which occur when vehicle scheduled maintenance is not done.

(Many clients also use this feature to keep an accurate service history on their vehicle, which helps with the resale value.)

Fleet Maintenance Management Should Be Easy!

When you click on the maintenance tab, you’re going to see all of your saved maintenance tasks and the current status of those tasks. If you complete a task you can clone the task to start back over so you don’t have to input the information or you can simply close it. You also have the ability to filter by tasks, stage, and other criteria.

Tied in hand with the maintenance tasks are the maintenance alerts.

If you choose to enable the maintenance alerts, you can also have a specific user to receive the alert that the specific maintenance task is coming due soon or has become past due.

Don’t think you have to limit the tasks to mechanical tasks. Since you can choose for something to be due on a certain date or by accrued mileage we have seen many customers put things such as license renewal, permit submissions or other time based things where they want a visual reminder and an alert so nothing falls through the cracks.

If you are looking for a simple yet effective way to manage your fleet maintenance program contact us today.

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Snow Plows, Salt Trucks and GPS Fleet Tracking

InTouchGPS is based out of Orlando, Florida. That means we don’t deal with hard snows and heavy winters.  Although we did have to get out our winter coats a couple days last week, snow is a foreign concept for us. However, we are the partners and suppliers for companies across America and know that heavy snows are just a part of life. Many companies who offer lawn services rig out their trucks and vans with snow plows to keep bringing in revenue during the winter.

Snow Plows and Salt Trucks

Snow plow and salt truck companies across the United States take advantage of our service offering. GPS fleet tracking allows them to easily track where they have been and what areas still need to be covered (easily done by setting up client or area as a landmark) or looking at the times and routes that certain vehicles took.

Our system also allows dispatches to be sent to the drivers to quickly be able to react to changes in priority or simply to help with directions.

In a large snowfall safety is paramount and the utmost concern for the people involved. GPS fleet tracking allows you to know exactly where your vehicle is and the current status of that vehicle (whether it is on, off, moving, idling, etc. ) This adds one more layer of protection to your fleet as they keep the streets safer for the local community.

To learn what fleet tracking can do for your snow plow or salt truck company, contact us today at 1-800-746-5170.
With no contracts, you won’t be stuck continuing to pay for the devices once the snow has come and gone.

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